S’mores Night

Since the weather has been oh so gloomy this Labor day weekend, my roommate and I decided to add a little light to our evening. We decided to make s’mores! Except for we had just a slight dilemma: no grill or open fire to cook our marshmallows on 😦

Lucky us, her boyfriend had the bright idea of making oven s’mores. And the plan was back in action! We gathered all of the classic ingredients for s’mores, but of course with a little twist.

In addition to the classic chocolate s’mores, we decided to add a little variety to our lives. Our creativity led us to use a dark chocolate Hershey’s bar, a Cookies ‘n Cream Hershey’s bar, a Crunch bar, and Reese’s cups.

The various concoctions turned out with varying degrees of success. By far the common consensus was that the Crunch bar ones were the best with classic dark chocolate making runner up. The Reese’s ones were a let down, but only as much as chocolate and peanut butter can be disappointing (not much.. :P). The only trouble with the Reese’s was that the peanut butter middle didn’t get cooked and melty like the chocolate part.

Either way we had a deliciously lovely evening with our oven s’mores. Can you tell?

What other s’mores fillings do you like or would like to try out? Let me know of your creations!

Oven S’mores


Cinnamon (or whatever flavor you like) graham crackers

Various and assorted (deliciously delicious?) chocolate bars

Jumbo marshmallows


Preheat the oven to 300˚.

Break the graham  crackers in halves. Lay out the halves on a baking sheet. I lined mine with foil for easy clean up. Create all sorts of combinations with your chocolates on the bottoms of the graham cracker halves. Place the marshmallows, flat sides up, on the chocolate. Finally top the marshmallows with another graham cracker half.

Place s’mores in the oven and allow the s’mores to get all melty. Keep an eye on them to get your desired melty-ness. We only had to leave ours in for about 5 minutes but every oven and personal preference is different.

Also, side note, I saved some leftovers and they were still delectable the next morning!

Happy eating!



2 thoughts on “S’mores Night

  1. Crunch S’mores sound delish! I recently saw a pin where they were made with Rolos. Seems
    Ike that would be worth a try. In fact, seems like that would be worth trying at our house. Let’s do that soon!

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