Birthday Time!

It’s been a crazy week between tests and long work days, but somehow I’ve still managed to get lots of cooking done.  I’ve been trying to slowly work through testing out the whole barrage of recipes I’ve been bookmarking lately, and I am proud to report that I have been making good progress too! Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to make the posts, but have no fear, they are soon to come!

However, the most recent and exciting food adventure came in the form of a cake. Last weekend was my beautiful roommate’s birthday. But, it wasn’t just any old birthday, it was her 21st! So in honor of the enormity of the occasion I was on the hunt for the perfect cake and I found it in this Pistachio Pudding Cake. She loves pistachios almost as much as she loves sour cream (she realllyyyyy loves sour cream…it’s a necessary staple in her diet) so this was going to be the perfect cake!

Can you tell I tried to make a 21 out of 21 candles?

The interesting thing about this cake is that it uses sprite in the batter for the cake. I’d never used any sort of carbonated beverage in baking, but I’ve heard of things like cola cake (it uses Coke). I would imagine that the carbonation would add a certain fluffy-ness, but I didn’t really notice anything different about this cake.

The recipe shows a 3-layered cake, which is entirely plausible, but I just did two to save me time. However, maybe because of that I had a ton of frosting, so I’d say a whole 8-oz container of Cool Whip isn’t entirely necessary. It definitely would have completed the cake had I added the pistachio pieces, so next time there will be pistachios in the cake! Overall, though, I thought this was a great cake, and super simple to make.

The verdict was that she loved the cake!

All in one breath!






Here we are on the big day with the birthday girl looking like a princess! 🙂

And one final picture because who can resist this one. She’s all decked out, equipped with all the goodies we got her to survive her first night out as a legal adult!

I love you baby girl, I hope you had the 21st birthday of your dreams! ❤

Have a great afternoon!



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