Simple Smoothies

The weather has been so great lately. The perfect in between of just warm and sunny enough to feel warm and not worry about dressing appropriately for the weather, but just cool enough to get you excited for the weather to come. Fall and winter are the perfect time for the sun to come straight into my room and give me the perfect patch to sit in while studying. I’m like a little cat (besides the fact that I’m not particularly fond of cats). I love love love sitting and sunbathing in my patch of sun. The weather has been so nice this week though that I was also able to keep my windows open while sitting in my sun patch. It makes for the most heavenly combination of warmth with a touch of cool air drifting through the windows. Seriously my best studying combination; it’s like I have the best of both worlds…I can study as if I’m sitting outside! life doesn’t get much better than this!

Anyway, in light of such beautiful weather and the immense amounts of studying and work I find myself swamped with, I have been finding myself wanting to start taking baby steps to a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy can do such wonders for focus, energy levels, and just overall happiness, so I think this is going to be a great step towards being successful in a wide realm of things, not just for the direct health benefits.

Of course I am not going to be doing anything drastic, because heavens knows I’ve tried that a bazillion times and failed just as many. This time I have decided to take small actions, maybe 1 different thing per week, to ensure that I have my appropriate vitamins and minerals. This week’s goal was to drink more water and try to work in a fruit either with lunch or in an afternoon snack.

Which is how I came to indulge in this incredibly simple yet delicious smoothie! My roommate actually has this really cool smoothie maker where it’s a take-along water bottle type thing, but it has a blender fitting to go with it so that you can make your smoothie straight in your portable water bottle with the little blender that goes with it. Clearly this nifty gadget has been tacked on to my wish-list of kitchen gadgetry that will someday be fulfilled. Until then, I’ll just have to make do with making smoothies in a blender and transferring it to my cup!

So for this smoothie, I call it simple because it is so flexible and can literally contain any fruit combination possible. I guess that’s the whole concept behind a smoothie but…I like to think I’m clever sometimes 😛

I added blackberry yogurt, an overripe banana and some raspberries, but you can really throw in whatever you have on hand that you think will taste good and that’s it, a quick and easy snack for those long study days (or work/school days).

What are your favorite smoothie combinations or even your favorite go-to fruit centered snacks?



1 banana

Handful of raspberries(4 or 5ish)

1 cup yogurt

¼ cup milk

Throw everything in a blender.

Press the blend button.

Transfer to a cup.

Can’t forget the straw!

And enjoy!



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